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    Sick of unwanted pests ruining your home or business? Turn to us for quick and efficient solutions. Your comfort is our mission.

    Proven, Reliable, Effective

    Nearly 15 Years of Excellence

    At Assassins For Hire Pest Control, we’ve spent nearly 15 years perfecting the art of pest extermination. Located in Booneville, MS, we’re not just another pest control service. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure top-notch quality. Our experienced technicians focus on your current pest problems while proactively spotting potential future issues. You’ll love our top-tier options and how we service both the interior and exterior of your space—unless you request otherwise, of course. Experience and professionalism are our middle names, making us your go-to for all your pest control needs.

    We’re More than Exterminators

    Your Premier Pest Control Services in Booneville, MS, and the Surrounding Areas

    Welcome to Assassins For Hire Pest Control, where we bring you nearly 15 years of expertise right here in Booneville, MS, and the surrounding areas. But we’re more than just exterminators; we’re your peace-of-mind providers. Our team is trained to spot and tackle problems before they escalate, giving you a comprehensive solution for your current and potential pest issues. Our list of services includes bed bug treatments, roach control, ant control, spider control, rodent control and many more. Why settle for less when you can have the best in pest control services?

    Below are the key components that make our IPM approach stand out:

    • Inspection: The first step in solving any pest problem effectively and safely is the correct identification of the pest. It is critical to find out what kind of pests you have and where they are coming from. Since each pest has different habits, biology and life cycles, its positive identification will lead to more effective control.
    • Prevention and Exclusion: Prevention of the conditions that pests need is critical to successful control. In the case of rodents, ants and cockroaches, it can be accomplished by eliminating fests’ food, water and shelter. This means cleaning up food and beverages and their packaging or wrappers, fixing leaky plumbing, and eliminating clutter. Entry to a building or home by pests is prevented by caulking cracks and crevices, repairing screens, repairing drains and installing door sweeps.
    • Monitoring: New infestations can be controlled best if spotted early. With IPM, pest populations are regularly monitored using traps. Pest sightings are recorded to document where and when the problems occur.

    Multiple Tactics: IPM typically uses several non-chemical tactics to deal with the pest. Pesticides are used only as a last resort.
    Because IPM focuses on prevention, it provides more effective, long-term control than a reactive, spray-based approach to pest control. It also reduces the need to use pesticides.

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    Why settle for subpar services when you can have the best? At Assassins For Hire Pest Control, we offer a range of treatments, from bed bug treatments, roach control, ant control, spider control, to rodent control. Our premier products and nearly 15 years of expertise make us a cut above the rest. We love leaving our customers satisfied and their spaces pest-free. Choose us for a pest-free, happier life.

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    Ready to Get Started? Contact Us to Obliterate Your Pest Problems!

    Tired of pesky invaders in your Booneville, MS home or business? You don’t have to tolerate them any longer. Reach out to Assassins For Hire Pest Control for top-quality pest control services. We can solve your problem—big or small. Take the first step toward a pest-free life today!

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    Our Services

    This Is What We Do


    Bed Bug Treatments

    Choose us for effective bed bug treatments! As your bed bug exterminator, we provide swift relief through innovative methods.

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    Roach Control

    Get your home roach-free in no time! Our roach pest control offers immediate results. Don't wait; get the peace of mind you deserve today.

    Read More

    Ant Control

    Bid farewell to ant invasions! With our ant control services, you'll experience fast and safe elimination. Make your home an ant-free zone now.

    Read More

    Spider Control

    Afraid of spiders? Not anymore! Our expert spider exterminator offers quick and lasting results. Turn your home into a spider-free haven.

    Read More

    Rodent Control

    Rodent problem? We've got you covered. Our rodent exterminator effectively gets rid of pests for good. Reclaim your space today!

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    Still Unsure?

    See What People Say About Us!


    Luke Barnett


    He’s a great man with a great attitude and even better service.

    Chamber of Commerce


    Matthew C


    James came and talked to me and told me exactly what he could do and how it would work. He went above and beyond what he said he would do(knocking cobwebs downs and dirt dober nest) extremely friendly man and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of pest control.

    Chamber of Commerce


    Jennifer Mcfarland


    He was super nice and professional. Does a thorough job and even cleaned down spider webs around in carport. Thanks so much for keeping the house pest free!

    Chamber of Commerce


    Polly Jo Duncan


    Always courteous, on time, and extremely helpful!! Got rid of my bugs, especially the wasps, in a hurry. We were dodging wasps, now we don’t!! Great service at great prices!!!!

    Chamber of Commerce


    Vanita Patel


    James is the best, he takes the time to make sure everything is done. He doesn’t rush through like our previous pest control guys, and get the job done. Really friendly too. Let James handle your pest control, big or small job, hes the best in the industry.

    Chamber of Commerce


    Jennifer Roberts


    I’d give them 10 stars if possible!!!! My exterminator was on time, very friendly and did a very thorough job. My husband and I are extremely happy that we found them online and that we are going to be a returning customer!!!😀😀💯💯

    Chamber of Commerce


    Lonny B.


    James does a great job, friendly and helpful. He treats every room and even tells of bad sports to watch for. James is always on time, even a little early if he finishes his 1st job early.



    Carol W.


    Contacted me quickly . Explained his services clearly over the phone and was pleased with his prices and options. He came to the appointment on time and ready to tackle the job. He reviewed the process he was undertaking at our home and proceeded to his job very professionally. Once completed asked if I was satisfied before he left and stayed if anything came up prior to the next spraying not to hesitate to call him . I appreciated his work and very happy to continue with his service . I recommend him HIGHLY!



    Pampered Pups

    We have lots of DOGS, lots of food out and lots of bugs all the time! First time Assassins for Hire came and treated inside and outside… NO MORE BUGS!!! We have tried every else and nothing has ever worked for years. We can’t believe that in only 1 treatment – we are BUG FREE!!! This is the company to call and they are local PEOPLE WE KNOW – Assassins for Hire!!! They set us up on a monthly (inexpensive) service plan (cheaper than bug spray)! You won’t believe how nice this is to be BUG FREE – ALL THE TIME!!! Thank you Assassins for Hire – you are our HERO – SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!

    Google Reviews


    Roy Seger

    Very professional. Had a pest problem and he treated inside and out. Have no had a problem since his first visit…. Very nice and reasonable prices.. I would recommend him to anyone he will be coming back to our home every month to treat for pest no matter what you have he can get em gone!!!!

    Google Reviews


    Lynzee Rushing

    James was very thorough and explained the processes of his services. He is very accommodating with schedules and visits which is a huge plus for me and my family. We haven’t had any pest issues since becoming a customer of Assassins For Hire! Thanks James!

    Google Reviews


    Carol Wokan

    Randy is very prompt and courteous. He does a very through job inside and out and provides details of exactly what he is doing and the purpose for . Addresses any issues or concerns prior to his process. This company offers a very fair price for the services either in a monthly or yearly basis for whichever suits your needs. The offers are provided free to choose which bests suits what we were looking for . He is also willing to return anytime prior the period is up if something occurs. Very willing to satisfy any issues without hesitation . I would HIGHLY recommend Randy to anyone . Very pleased and I have no bugs which makes me happy !!!

    Google Reviews

    Pricing Plans

    Take a Look at Our Packages

    We offer a variety of pricing options to suit every need and budget. Whether it’s a one-time service or a long-term plan, we’ve got you covered.

    ONE TIME $150.00

    If you’re in need of immediate relief from pests, our One Time plan offers a comprehensive pest service. It’s a quick, no-strings-attached solution to your pest problem.

    • Pest Service: $150.00

    Our 6-Month Plan features the no call back advantage. Perfect if you want to enjoy a pest-free environment without worrying about follow-up visits for half a year.

    • No Call Back Advantage: $150.00

    Looking for extended protection? Our One Year Plan starts at an initial treatment cost of $130.00. Choose frequency:

    • Monthly Plan: $45.00
    • Two-month Plan: $65.00
    • Quarterly Plan: $80.00

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    We’re proud to serve Booneville, MS, and the surrounding areas with our quality services.

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