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ONE TIME (no plan)

Pest Service - $150.00


No Call Back Advantage - $150.00

with Call Back Advantage

Initial Treatment - $130.00

     with your choice of:

Monthly Plan      - $45.00

Two-month Plan - $65.00

Quarterly Plan    - $80.00

Our One Year Plan comes with a
FREE Mosquito Treatment
($55 Value)


Fleas are parasites. They feed on the blood of any warm-blooded body. Cat fleas are the most common domestic flea, but dog fleas, human fleas and oriental rat fleas can also be found. Fleas do not fly. They use their powerful legs to jump onto a passing host. Controlling and/or exterminating fleas can eliminate an infestation. Flea bites can result in painful, itchy red bumps. Fleas are also the most common transmitter of the rare bubonic plague. Call us to find out more about flea extermination and control.

Contact us now by clicking HERE
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We will review your request and call you to schedule an appointment.
We normally respond to messages
on the SAME DAY!
We may also be able to provide a solution on the same day, but can take up to 48 hours.

Free esTimates

At Assassins for Hire Pest Control, LLC we target ants, bedbugs, roaches, spiders, wasps, earwigs, mosquitoes, pill bugs, grasshoppers, crickets, fleas, ticks, millipedes, centipedes, Box Elder, silverfish, fire ants, flies and much more. If you have pests that we didn't mention... Call and ask us about it.

We care about our environment. We have green eco-friendly products that we use when requested. I know how important that it is to use green products when needed. Some areas are more environmentally sensitive than others .

We service the inside and the outside unless otherwise requested differently.

We will kill and control most any crawling insect excluding any wood destroying insects.

We can solve any rodent problem you are having.

We  focus on your current issue and check for additional pest problems that may not have gotten your attention yet.

Our service technician is trained to catch most problems before they happen.

With our experience and professionalism we will provide a solution for all of your pest problems.

We service a twenty-five mile radius from Boonevile, including Walnut, Falkner, Ripley, Blue Mountain, New Albany, Blue Springs, Sherman, New Houlka, Kossuth, Corinth, Burnsville, Iuka, Rienzi, Baldwyn, Guntown, Saltillo, Ecru, Pontotoc, Algoma, Verona, Amory, Smithville, Fulton, Belmont, Tishomingo just to name a few. We service East to the Alabama State Line and North to the Tennessee State Line.

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